Sunday, July 23, 2006

Indian curry , the British dish

Traditional British delicacies such as bath chaps, jugged hare and brawn are under threat of extinction, a survey says.

Just 1 per cent of those surveyed under 25 recognised bath chaps - pigs' cheeks covered in breadcrumbs, while only 1.6 per cent had heard of jugged hare - hare meat served in a sauce of its blood mixed with port.

Brawn (jellied pig's head) came third on the list, while squirrel casserole was fourth.

By contrast, the survey of 2,021 people carried out for British television channel UKTV Food showed that 40 per cent of over-60s here were aware of bath chaps while a third of older respondents recognised jugged hare.

"While pigs' cheeks and squirrel casserole are clearly not to everyone's tastes, they are a powerful link to a bygone culinary era," the food channel's head, Paul Moreton, said.

British politicians in the past have celebrated the seeming lack of a "national" cuisine as indicative of the country's integration of different cultures.

Then-foreign secretary Robin Cook said in 2001 that chicken tikka masala, an adaptation of an Indian dish to suit the British palate, was Britain's "true national dish".


yellowdog granny said...

i would say gross, but we eat pickled pigs feet, chitlins(cow intestines), squirell, bbq pig parts like ears, and stuff like grits...have you tried our southern grits dom?...good stuff maynard..

dom said...

I thought grits were made out of corn ?
Am I confusing them with what we call pork scratchings, pork skin,salted and deep fried ?