Saturday, July 29, 2006

Doiley G-strings

No longer able to find customers for their hand-crafted doilies and table clothes, grannies in the tiny Polish mountain village of Koniakow have now turned to using their crocheting skills to make G-strings.

And the business of making the knitted underwear has proved such a success that the lingerie has now been launched on an online shop for people around the world to buy it.

"People aren't only mad about g-strings in traditional white crochet, but also in red and black," Fox News quoted Tadeusz Rucki, who funds the granny g-string firm, as saying.

However, the head of the local Society for Folk Art, Helena Kamieniarz, is not happy with the new business.

"What is being done to our old traditions is a disgrace. The art of crochet is not intended for making such garments," she said.

The crocheted g-strings can be ordered from for around £17 each.


Anonymous said...

Okay, when can I expect mine to arrive?

dom said...

Jackiesure beat you to it and ordereda one piece, there will be a two week delay !

dom said...

I'll get my crochet set out and knit you one now :)

yellowdog granny said...

and how did it fit dom??