Monday, July 24, 2006

Town to ban Spanish

The Mayor of a small city is proposing an ordinance to make English the city's official language.

Avon Park, FL -- Congress has been talking a lot about illegal immigrants recently but a small city in Highlands County wants to do something now.

City council members in Avon Park are scheduled to vote on a proposed ordinance that penalizes businesses that hire illegal immigrants and landlords that rent to them.

It also makes English the city's official language. Anyone who needs services at city hall has to speak English.

Avon Park's city manager says from a legal and procedural standpoint, the ordinance is a good move for the city.

C.B. Shirey, Avon Park City Manager says, "Hopefully it will give us a tool that if we can identify people that are employing or renting to illegal aliens, that we can take some kind of action against those folks and maybe mitigate some of that."

The owner of the Broken Spoke indoor flea market says the proposed ordinance has already affected her business because illegal immigrants aren't coming in as much.


yellowdog granny said...

boo fucking hooo....let em learn english..and if they want to live here they better be legal..look at what you and apos are having to go thru to get here and them bastids just sneak in and then want everything their way...oh well, im becoming more of a minority all the sooooo many ways..ha

dom said...

I agree entirely ! Not just because I'm English, but because if you move to a country ,you should respect their language ,laws and customs ... although when I move I'll still spell in English , i.e. with added U's where applicable ,like NeighboUr, FlavoUr ,FavoUr ... and especially TYRE ,not tire :)