Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sex replaces Bible

Christians tuning into their Sunday radio sermons and Bible stories were in for a shock this week when their favourite Californian station suddenly moved to an all-sex format.

After an ownership switch, KFWE-FM radio judged that Christian radio was unprofitable and decided to attract listeners by devoting its attention to sex.

"Christian radio stations never have very good ratings," Jerry Clifton, the new owner of KFWE-FM, said.

Instead, the station broadcast a continuous loop of sexually suggestive music without commercial breaks for a whole week.

"It's got a great signal, but it just wasn't performing," Mr Clifton said.

"All sex radio, all the time," Mr Clifton decided would sell better than Christianity, promoting the station as "porn radio".

Mr Clifton built his play list with the criteria that every song must contain the word sex, such as I Want Your Sex by George Michael, and Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.

On Thursday, Clifton decided to open up the format to a general vote by the listeners.

"We'll do whatever the people want," he said.

Mr Clifton fielded a handful of angry phone calls, but said the majority of callers wanted the sex radio format.

"Sometimes you've got to rattle the trees to develop a successful format," he said.


yellowdog granny said...

of course sex will win out over religion....Political comment deleted by author for green card purposes...

dom said...

lol , thanks JS :)