Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ducking hell !

An English village cricket team has narrowly missed out on one of the worst scores ever recorded after they were bowled out for five, with all the runs coming from extras.

No batsman from bottom-of-the-table Goldsborough Second XI managed to get off the mark against league leaders Dishforth, who sent their opponents back to the pavilion in 12 overs.

The visiting side's only runs came from four byes and a leg bye in what is thought to be the lowest score in the 112-year history of the Nidderdale and District Amateur Cricket League in North Yorkshire.

Dishforth made hard work of the reply, losing two wickets themselves in the meagre run-chase.

The Daily Telegraph said Goldsborough's effort was not as bad as English Midlands side Shepstone's XI who were all out for four extras in 1931.

Goldsborough's captain Peter Horseman said: "We could have got a run but the batsman had just been hit on the foot the ball before and he turned down the chance."


yellowdog granny said...

er..this isnt futty ball is it?
i understood not one whit of what you said....sigh*

dom said...

It's Cricket , lol , anothe whacky British sport :)