Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nude maze gig

Aa I reported earlier this month about York Maze's Star Trek Maze, a rock band have agreed to strip off to play a gig for a crowd of naturists in it's maze.

Slash Bikini will play for naturists enjoying a special evening at York Maze, reports the York Press.

Band member Randy P Rock III said: "Playing naked is a new venture for the band. Depending on the reaction from the audience, this could be a once only naked performance."

Andrew Welch, from the British Naturism Society, said: "We are delighted that York Maze is hosting this landmark event for naturism, the first time a naked event has been held in a maze."

The naked event at the maze starts at 6.30pm on Saturday, July 29. Non-naturist family members are also welcome.


yellowdog granny said...

now there's a new group i will go see...

dom said...

I hope the stage is in the holly bush maze