Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Great Texas Mosquito festival

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival is approaching its 26th Annual Festival, scheduled for July 27, 28, & 29, 2006 in Clute, Texas (55 miles southeast of Houston). The festival was started to promote and encourage tourism in the City of Clute. Over the years, the festival has grown tremendously, attracting some 18,000 plus visitors over the three-day event.

Hovering over the festival activities is “Willie-Man-Chew”, the world’s largest mosquito. Willie is a 26-foot Texas mosquito, complete with a cowboy hat, boots, blown up wings and a big stinger. Willie is a favorite of all festival visitors, and he makes a great photo souvenir. Willie also does festival promotions throughout the year at other events.

The Great Texas Mosquito Festival is a three day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), fun filled, family event. There are numerous contests, such as the Mosquito Chase “Run” (5 KM), Doubles Horseshoe Pitching Tournaments, Doubles Washer Pitching Contest, a Century Buzz Bike & Skate Tour, BBQ and Fajita Cookoff, O’ You Beautiful Doll Contest, Mr. & Mrs. Mosquito Legs Contest, a Mosquito Calling Contest, and many more outrageous events. We also have approximately 100 booth spaces with a variety of foods, along with arts and crafts and more. The carnival provides three days of fun for children and adults.


yellowdog granny said...

ahh our labor day weekend wesfest garners more visitors than that..we get up to 35,00 in 3 we have kolaches, sausages, and a polka mass...

dom said...

Sounds neat !