Saturday, July 01, 2006

How to name your son - idiot guide

A man who wanted to name his son Gerrard after the England midfielder Steven has held an internet vote in an attempt to convince his wife.

Matt Evans, from Cheltenham, had set his heart on naming the newborn in honour of the Liverpool captain.

So when Mr Evans' wife Jenny vetoed the idea, preferring William or Matthew, he set about trying to change her mind.

But despite Gerrard polling more votes, Mrs Evans refused to give in - the baby will now be called Matthew Gerrard.When the Register Office wrote to Mr and Mrs Evans reminding them he had to be named within 40 days, golf professional Matt, 29, shot into action, setting up the site.

And despite losing the battle, he still insists on calling Matthew 'Gerrard'.

The name Gerrard won 581 online votes, William got 564 and Matthew 75.

Baby Matthew was born on 20 May, but with his parents unable to agree on a name, had remained unregistered.
England went out of the World Cup 3-1 on penalties after their quarter-final with Portugal ended 0-0.
England lost skipper David Beckham to injury just after half-time and Wayne Rooney was sent off after 62 minutes for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho.They battled on bravely for the rest of normal time and extra-time with 10 men to take the game to a shoot-out.But Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher missed to end their hopes and Sven-Goran Eriksson's reign.England went out of the World Cup 3-1 on penalties after their quarter-final with Portugal ended 0-0. :(


yellowdog granny said...

when my daughter was born we were so sure she would be a boy we had no names picked out and as she was 9 lbs. and 10 oz. and had a head full of red hair the nurses all called her big red...we didn't come up with a name for her for a week..and i went home with her when she was 8 hrs. old and hospital threw a fit as your not supposed to take a baby home with out a name...said stop me...and went home ..i wanted to keep it big red..but finally ended up with mary body in family could agree on the name..i finally got smart and named her after the 2 gramdmothers...but if she had been a he...her daddy wanted to name her waylon cash...after waylon jennings and johnny cash...glad she was a girl..

dom said...

I bet she's glad she's a girl too !

Anonymous said...

I don't think there is a more British name than Nigel.

We could throw a bit of southern in it too, like Nigel Joe or Nigel Bob.

Poor kid.

dom said...

Cyril is too.
Nigel is such a geeky name. Dunno why but it always reminds me of Jilted John's song "Gordon is a moron"