Thursday, June 22, 2006

Art or graffiti ?

Graffiti artist Banksy has returned to his home town and left his mark on a Bristol building with a stencil design. The painting, on the side of a building near Park Street, depicts a naked lover caught with his pants down, hanging from a window ledge.

The city council, whose offices overlook the artwork, said it will ask the public whether or not to clean off the mural or paint over it.

"We have to decide if it's public art or graffiti," said a spokeswoman. We are encouraging debate amongst residents and would like to hear people's views and comments about this latest addition to the Banksy collection."
Art student Chris Williamson, 20, said the stencil should stay.

"It's a well done, thoughtful and playful piece, and because of that it really adds to the building. The majority of graffiti is usually somebody spraying 'Dazzer woz 'ere' but this is in a completely different category and should be allowed to stay."

Bristolian Banksy is a controversial artist whose previous works have included murals on the West Bank Barrrier, and flocks of spray-painted farm animals.

He has also created spoof historical artefacts and planted them in some of the world's leading museums and galleries.

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