Saturday, June 24, 2006

Who said romance was dead ?

A new website allows meanies to take a punt on how long its featured newly-weds will stay married.

Photographs of happy couples are put up and visitors to can cast a vote on their future.

Alongside their picture is a brief synopsis about them and the options for your prediction: barely past the altar, one year, five years, eight years, 15 years or happily ever after.

The site logs the number of votes on each partnership and then lists percentages on whether or not the couple will get divorced.

If there's a high chance of divorce, according to votes, then the site states the time period before they may end the marriage.

Thousands are logging on to the site to take part.


yellowdog granny said...

to bad you couldnt hook that up with the local bookies..could bet on or for your marriage and at least make some money if your marriage failed

dom said...

That site is funny ,but sick in a way .
If I took out a bet , I'd have to wait eternity to pick up my winnings