Saturday, June 24, 2006


A council has apologised to a woman who was fined £60 after workmen painted a disabled bay around her car. When Shirley Hatcher, 67, parked her car in North Road, Southampton, Hampshire, there were no parking restrictions in place.

Mrs Hatcher, of Priory Road, said: "I had just gone to the hairdressers and when I returned there was this disabled bay and the £60 fine."

A spokeswoman for Southampton City Council has apologised for the error.
Mrs Hatcher said: "I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it. My car was covered in polka dots from the paint they had used. I was fuming, absolutely fuming, all I could think was what sort of idiot did this. I saw the funny side of it the next day - you couldn't make it up."

A spokeswoman for Southampton City Council said the authority would cover the costs of repairs to her car.

She added: "Occasionally things go wrong no matter how hard we try to get things right. We were in error, as was our painting contractor, and we're very sorry. We are doing everything we can to put it right, and to examine our processes to prevent anything like this happening again."

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yellowdog granny said...

i suppose considering they are so dumb, they could have towed it away...