Thursday, June 29, 2006

Moby Dick II

Migaloo, above, a white humpback whale, was sighted yesterday as he made his annual migration along the East Coast of Australia. Named after the Aboriginal word for “white fella”, he has been eagerly awaited each year since he was first spotted in 1991. He is the only white specimen recorded in 100 years, and has drawn comparisons to the fictional white whale Moby-Dick.

Migaloo is reportedly a 16 year old male and there are strict regulations on how close boats and planes can come near him. The regulations were enforced in 2004 ,following concerns that Migaloo's celebrity status was causing him stress. The conditions ,designed to ensure safe migration, means boats and jet skis will have to stay at least 500m (1650ft) from the whale and planes can fly no closer than 2000ft . Breaching the conditions will attract fines of more than A$12,000.

The Aussie government even has a website dedicated to him here


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