Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Eddie dies :(

Eddie, the dog loved by millions in the hit TV series Frasier, has died aged 16.

The Jack Russell Terrier, real name Moose, was the pet of Frazier’s dad Martin, played by John Mahoney. He would famously sit in a chair with Martin and make psychiatrist Frazier (Kelsey Grammer) uncomfortable by staring at him.

Moose died at his trainer Mathilde Halberg’s home in Los Angeles.

She said: “He had incredible charisma and was a free spirit. He’ll never be forgotten.” Moose’s life was a rags to riches story after he was nearly sent to a dog pound in the early 1990s. His owners called me as a last resort. He was always chewing things, running off — and killed a neighbour’s cat.”

Moose was in the show ten years, earning £1.8million, and also appeared in movies. Frazier ended in 2004.

In later episodes Eddie was played by Moose’s son Enzo.


yellowdog granny said...

ya ..i read that in paper..damn dog had a better life than i did

dom said...

And earned more :)