Saturday, June 24, 2006

World worm charming championships

This truly unique rural event is bound to raise a few eyebrows and smiles as a host of worm charmers come from around the world to the small village of Willaston near Nantwich in Cheshire's Upper Weaver Valley, to employ various methods of charming worms from the soil!

Regulalrly attended by several celebrity guests from fred the Weatherman, to Bob Carolgees and Spit the Dog, to Countryfile's ben Fogle in recent years, this is not one to be missed! Come and see how many worms you can charm, and even have a go at beating the exisitng Guiness World Record of 511 worms - using only vibrations in a maximum of 30 minutes!

Or just simply stand back and watch all the fun!

Visit their site here .

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