Wednesday, June 28, 2006

England fans drinking Germany dry

England World Cup fans are drinking Germany dry.

Breweries warned yesterday that beer could run out before the final because of huge demand from English supporters.

In Nuremberg, World Cup chiefs revealed the 70,000 England fans who flooded the city for the Trinidad game drank 1.2million pints of beer — 17 pints each. A city official said: “The English proved themselves world champions.”

Stuttgart bar chiefs said an extra 900,000 pints were sunk last weekend as 60,000 fans partied before our 1-0 win over Ecuador. And in Cologne — where Sweden held us to a draw — the local brewery ran out of bottles and barrels.


yellowdog granny said...

holy shit...ya'll are serious about that beer drinking ain'tcha..

dom said...

I like to keep in practise just incase I'm ever called up for the beer drinking team