Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Elephant poo paper

After having worldwide success with a paper made from kangaroo poo, a company in north-western Tasmania has signed up with Sydney's Taronga Zoo to make use of its elephant waste.

Creative Paper will make a range of stationary, for sale in the zoo's gift shop.

The company's Joanna Gair says the first elephant dung delivery was in a fine paper-making state by the time it arrived in the post.

"It had been in transit for just over a week so it was fairly ripe by the time that we'd received it," she said.

"But oddly enough the more decomposed the dung is it's actually a little bit easier for paper making, so there's no problem as far as that's concerned and it goes through a very extensive and hygienic process where all the bacteria is boiled away, so what you're left with is a remarkably strong, good quality fibre that's really great to work with."

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yellowdog granny said...

boy...how about gettin a dear john letter on paper made out of elephant shit...bummer