Friday, June 23, 2006

The World Egg Throwing Championship

The World Egg Throwing Championship is going to be held on Sunday 25th June 2006 at the Swaton Vintage Day (Sponsored by NatWest Bank) as a part of the ring entertainment.

Two of the four WETF Disciplines will take place at the 2006 World Championships

  1. Egg throwing and catching. 2 person team. One member from each team will throw an egg to the other member. If this is caught, the team members will move further apart and the egg will be thrown back. This will continue until only one team have an unbroken egg. THIS team will be the 2006 WORLD Champions and will be presented with the WETF Egg Cup.
  2. Egg Relay. 11 person team. There will be a limited display of this discipline. Teams will be limited to the first 10 applications.
The World Egg Throwing Championship has already achieved notable international publicity with coverage in the Times and Guardian UK national newspapers, CNN and Sports Illustrated along with many local newspapers. An American TV crew will be recording the events and BBC radio is undertaking live broadcasts throughout


yellowdog granny said...

i have done this before and dont ask me why? but im really really good at this...catching eggs..i would like to enter good..really...ooops, dropped my pen..

Debbie said...

My balance is good... somewhat.. where do I sign up?

dom said...

LOL Jackiesue, I once fell down some stairs witha pint of beer in my hand ... didn't spill a drop ! I scraped me knees and bruised my arm , but my mates were impressed that no precious liquid was lost :)
Debbie ,I've seen you trip over your own feet ,now if it was a cheese catching contest I KNOW you'd win :)

Anonymous said...



Held Sunday June 25th at Swaton Vintage Day Show, Lincolnshire

1. A hard fought battle resulted in a win for South Island, New Zealand team of Turkey Farmers Andrew McKay and Nigel Tiffin in the 1st Annual World Egg Throwing Championships

2. There were 88 Entrants from England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Russia and Bulgaria taking part in the World Egg Throwing Federation organised event. There were also have nominated players on behalf of Australia, America, Canada, Qatar, and Libya.

3. Players ages ranged between those of local girl Holly, aged 7, to Bulgarian George, aged 67.

4. Following 2 preliminary heats, the grand final of 8 x 2 person teams commenced throwing from 10 metres. The eventual winning distance was estimated at 72 metres.

5. Champion Chuckers Andrew and Nigel, when interviewed afterwards by ITV and American camera crews said that they “have been practicing hard prior to coming over, with ostrich eggs but found the uneven ground and blustery conditions difficult to cope with” They went on to say that the knew they would do well when faced with free range organic eggs because of the harder shells that they had been used to back home.

6. Organiser Andy Dunlop paid tribute to the two and said that its was gratifying that all the hard work of the World Egg Throwing Federation had enabled these two fine sportsmen to compete to win the first WETF World Championship. Whilst no World records were set it was a grand competition on hard undulating ground with a high level cross wind. He went on to say that “we expect next years event to draw in more of world finest and go from strength to strength. We are also hoping for full Sports Council recognition by then. This should be in the Olympics”

7. Swaton Show organisers estimate that, despite strong competition from a similar timed football game, show attendance was up and it is estimated that well over £6000 was raised for local charities by this event, a rise of £2000 on last years effort.

Notes to editors.

Please use the link in any coverage.

The World Egg Throwing Championship comprised of;
The Egg Cup
2 person throw and catch event. Dressed in protective clothing, teams of two throw an egg between themselves at ever increasing distances. Knockout event.
The Relay Cup
11 person egg speed relay. 12 eggs are passed along the 100-metre line at 10 metre intervals. Timed knockout event.

Held in conjunction with Swaton Vintage Day. Over 300 Vintage, Veteran and Classic Tractors, Cars, Motorbikes, Commercial Vehicles, Stationary Engines, Cultivators & Shire Horses were on show.

Proceeds are to be donated to local causes, The Red Cross, L.I.V.E.S and Radio Lincolnshire’s ‘Go for Gold’ Appeal.

Show entry is detailed on the attached web link

NatWest Bank sponsored the Swaton Vintage Day.

For further information contact

Andy Dunlop
07900 26 78 70