Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nutter flattens house

A digger driver calmly destroyed a couple's home, smashed up their luxury cars and wrecked a police vehicle in a row over an unpaid bill.

Janice Gledhill, 52, awoke at 7:15am yesterday to discover the digger outside her home and was forced to flee for her life as it tore into her bedroom. The man then went on to rip down three of the house's walls.

It is thought the orgy of destruction related to a dispute over payments for a caravan the man had bought from Ms Gledhill and her partner.

Vincent Frostick, an accountant who lives opposite the house, said: "I saw the digger driving up the road. A police woman turned up and tried to stop him, but he just smashed through the car. She was just yards away when the bucket came down.

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yellowdog granny said...

i cant believe the lengths people will go to, to get on the news

dom said...

He originally turned up on a lawnmower , but a tv camerman said he'd look daft trying to mow a house down