Friday, June 30, 2006

Scaredy - Cat burglars

Western Australian detectives are piecing together the details of a bizarre confrontation in which it appears two burglars called police for assistance during an attempted break-in.

Exactly what happened at the Legend boat building shed in the suburb of Naval Base is still something of a mystery.

Early this morning, police received a call from one of two men believed to be breaking into the building.

The man complained to police that he and another man had been confronted inside the building by a third man, possibly a security guard.

He also claimed shots had been fired during the altercation.

Police rushed to the scene and are continuing their investigation.

Three men have been detained and are currently being questioned by detectives.

Just why the burglar felt compelled to seek police assistance in the first place is still unclear.


yellowdog granny said...

remember on tv (maybe not, your in wrong country) there used to be a tv show called 'people are funny'....? anyhow..they should have a tv show called
'people are stupid'..these guys could be the first show...

dom said...

British people aren't funny , we're quirky.
Would this stoopid people show be exclusively American , or can anyone join ?