Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What a pair of plonkers

If there were a contest for the title of "most stupid fans at the World Cup", two England supporters in Cologne who mislaid their car ahead of tonight's match against Sweden would certainly be in the running.

The fans parked their car in Cologne's old city and, before going off to have a drink, they wrote down what they thought was the German street name.

When they returned several hours later, they could no longer find their car and also they found that every second street in the inner city was called 'Einbahn Strasse'.. According to this morning's German press, the unnamed England fans, who had driven to the Rhine city from Belgium, then approached two police officers and handed over a crumpled piece of paper with the street name on it.

Unfortunately, however, it read - "Einbahnstrasse", the German for one-way street. German officers this morning said they had to carry out an "intensive search" before discovering the missing vehicle in a nearby side street.


Debbie said...

I'm betting they weren't the only two that did that. They are just the only two that were found out. The rest of the English cars are all probably parked facing the wrong way as well. (wrong side of the street as well too) :)

dom said...

ROFL !! this is probably truer than you think

yellowdog granny said...

ya'll are silly...not the fans...you and debbie..