Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Farty neighbour jailed

Evil neighbour, Brian Pemberton was jailed for tormenting his neighbour with a Fart machine for almost 2 years.
Pemberton, 59, set off the £12.99 joke shop device to blow a raspberry or make a vomiting or a burping noise every time Kathryn McKay went out.

It was part of a campaign of harassment he launched after taking an irrational dislike to her. The ex-fireman also taped notices to his house and caravan urging her to “Try WeightWatchers” and mooned at her from a window. He hosed her Bonfire Night fireworks and also sprayed weedkiller on her plants.

To cap it all, he set up a security system to alert him when she went out, setting off the battery-operated farting machine by remote.
Fed-up Kathryn, 51, finally called the police and the father-of-two Pemberton, of Baildon, West Yorks, was arrested.

He was jailed for five months after being convicted of harassment at Bradford magistrates’ court.

District Judge David Thomas told him: “You are obsessive, combative and controlling.”

Giles Bridge, defending, said Pemberton — released pending appeal — took a dislike to Kathryn and was “not able to help himself”.

Pemberton was moving home to avoid the risk of a repeat, he said. Kathryn, who has a daughter, 13, said: “It was mental GBH, day after day.”


yellowdog granny said...

he couldnt help him self???? what a jackass....you just watch we will be reading about him going nuts on someone and killing them...he's a psycho...

dom said...

If we do ,it will probably be for killing the prisoner for nicking his whoopee cushion.