Saturday, June 24, 2006

What's up Doc ?

A girl of six triggered a security scare at a Cape Town, South Africa, airport – with a pink Bugs Bunny water pistol rammed full of sweets.

Kelly Vinnicombe was bought the £2.50 toy in the departure lounge by her mother Sarah, and packed it in her bag but, as they went through the X-ray security machine, guards hauled them to one side.

Vinnicombe, 34, was told the toy was technically a "weapon" and would have to be registered at the firearms desk. She spent an hour explaining where the gun came from – just meters away in an airport shop – before the toy was tagged and packed in a separate part of the plane.

Vinnicombe, of Plymouth, Devon, in the U.K. said: "It's bright pink with Bugs Bunny on it."

The pair were reunited with their cargo at London's Heathrow Airport after an 11-hour flight.

"It's is better to be safe than sorry," insisted a Cape Town, South Africa, airport spokeswoman.


yellowdog granny said...

er, what's in the bag doc'?
think the mother might have given a thought to the fact that it was going to be exrayed and would look like a real gun in the bag?

dom said...

Well why sell them at the airport shop then ???

Debbie said...

I only have one word to say- Dartboard.


dom said...

Gawd ,that was annoying wasn't it !