Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fingered !

A man dumped by his girlfriend is sent her one of his fingers in a gift box. Robert Hanna, of Corpus Christi, Texas, hacked off his finger in a final plea to his girlfriend.

With the package, he left a note saying: "This is my last attempt to reach out and touch you." According to a local news station he added: "I want to let you know, this is how much pain I’m going through because of the pain I’ve caused you."

Police Captain John Houston said officers were uncertain which finger was removed or how, but said it looked as though it had been washed before it was sent on Friday.

He said: "It was a clean cut. It wasn’t mangled."

The 32-year-old woman filed for an emergency protective order from Hanna last week. The Police said that a previous incident of family violence was reported between the couple this month.

Mr Hanna may now face charges over this incident and additional charges because of the threatening nature of the letter. Detectives looking for Hanna said they were worried about his physical and mental condition. They said they hoped he did not bleed to death after cutting his finger off.


yellowdog granny said...

ahhh its not true love..if it was he would have sent her his dick in a box..

dom said...

Idiot should have sent her his head , theonly time she got good h.............