Friday, June 30, 2006

Cheating lawyer to sue website

PITTSBURGH (AP) - A city attorney is suing the creator of a website that lets women dish dirt on men they claim have wronged them, saying they made defamatory statements about him.

Todd Hollis sued because he contends two Pittsburgh-area women and other anonymous users posted items about him on in which they claim he is unfaithful, among other things, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Thursday.

Hollis filed the lawsuit Thursday in Allegheny County against Tasha Joseph, who created the site, which bills itself as a "cost-effective weapon in the war on cheating men."

Joseph, 33, a former columnist for the Miami Herald, said any man can post a rebuttal on the site.

Lida Rodriguez-Taseff, a lawyer representing Joseph, said the site is no different than the "proverbial coffee shop where people go and chitchat."

"You would never think of holding the coffee shop owner liable because other people went in and defamed other people," Rodriguez-Taseff said.

Hollis' suit contends Joseph "conspired with disingenuous people whose only agenda is to attack the character of those individuals who have been identified on the site."

Hollis, 38, a criminal lawyer for 12 years, also said the site does not have safeguards in place to ensure the truthfulness of items posted on it.


yellowdog granny said...

hey, don't chippy and won't have to worry about people bad mouthing ya...what an idiot.

dom said...

serves the 2 timing twat right ... I hope the judge finds it so