Friday, June 23, 2006

I wondered where I left my bulls sperm

A 14-Ft inflatable boat, a coffin, false limbs and a lawnmower were just some of unusual items of property people have left on public transport in London.

Breast implants, a jar of bull's sperm and three dead bats have also turned up at Transport for London's lost property office.

In the last year almost 150,000 items of property have been left on Tubes, buses and taxis, with mobile phones and books among the most-mislaid articles.


yellowdog granny said... coffin...does it turn into a couch?..some guy in the states makes coffee tables that are actually coffins and makes sofa's that are coffins too..i want one of those potato to coffin potato...

Debbie said...

So that is where I left my breast implants, damn. I've been looking for those.

dom said...

They sound spiffy JS , bizzare but cool. No doubt there are hundreds of goths all over the States badgering their parents for coffin sofas.
I bet the passenger that found them Debbie felt a right tit !