Thursday, June 29, 2006

Beam me up Scots Trek nutters

The latest Star Trek movie is now being filmed ... in a Dundee tenement.

A group of Trekkies have donned pointy ears to shoot their own tribute to the long-running science fiction series.

The kitchen and front room of Nick Cook's city centre flat have been turned into an intergalactic flight deck and engine room. The legendary captain's chair is from MFI and the designer costumes from the local Remnant Kings.

And consoles, gadgets, transporters and a makeshift lift have been constructed from old kitchen units, camping equipment and a generous helping of spray paint.
The filming of Star Trek Intrepid: Heavy Lies The Crown has already been going on for four years.

Now the crew are putting the final touches to the 50 minute "epic".

Last night senior Star Fleet Officer Nick, 36, said: "The flat is covered in pieces of the set and parts of phasers but my wife Lucie and I have got used to it over the years. I won the missus over by giving her a part in the film and she's been happy ever since."

The 15-man production team filmed spectacular phaser battles on location in the hills.

They dealt with curious hill-walkers, torrential rain and bad tempered farm animals, while on location in Glen Doll, Angus,

Nick, an anaesthetic nurse who stars as Commander Hunter, said: "Sheep kept going mahhhhh! just as we were about to film which was a major problem because you shouldn't really find livestock on an unpopulated, alien planet. It's been a great laugh putting the film together. We've had input from across the world and even roped in a cop from Texas who filmed himself and emailed us his walk-on part."

USS Intrepid's crew met through Dundee's Star Trek club, Sector 001 and founder Steve Hammond, 37, suggested they make a film.

He said: "There might be a few bumps on the way, but we'll get there."

So far, the film has cost about £5000 to put together - with most of the budget going on computer generated effects.

Because of legal issues the Trekkies can't make any money from their enterprise, so it will be posted on the internet for free download later this year.

It's not the first Star Trek epic from Dundee - comedy team Chewin' The Fat had a memorable sketch entitled Taysiders In Space.


yellowdog granny said...

the first thing that pops into my mind is:get a fucking life...

dom said...

I know JS , lol , You should click the link and see the trailer & bloopers , thus seeing what a total waste of fucking time the last 4 years have been !

Anonymous said...

Bit like this fucking blog then. ;P

dom said...

Nice of you to leave a comment ,without the guts of leaving a name or URL , you must be a tribble.