Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Signing for KFC

KARACHI: What's chicken wings in sign language? The staff at a new Karachi KFC know the answer.

Sign language is needed to place an order at this Pakistani franchise of the American fast food restaurant, where 27 of the staff suffer from impaired speech and hearing.

Branch manager Amjad Ghani calls his staff "special".

"It is only the third KFC restaurant in the world that employs special persons," said Ghani, adding that franchise owners Cupola Pakistan Ltd planned to open another restaurant in the city of Lahore.

The branch has several posters for customers that outline normal sign language as well as specially designed signs denoting the dishes on KFC's menu.

For extra cheese put the index finger of your left hand flat under your lips, and for a spicy "zinger burger" place the index finger of one hand between the second and third fingers on the other hand.

Communication between kitchen and counter staff is down to pressing buttons, as lights flash on the tills when an order is ready for serving.

Ghani said the specially trained employees were all picked from educational institutions.

"Our move has been welcomed by customers which shows these people can lead a normal life and contribute to society," he said.

Because of their American links, KFC restaurants have often been targeted in the past by protesters and militants in this volatile southern city.

The newly opened branch is near the site of another where six KFC workers were killed last year when protesters set it on fire following a bomb blast at a mosque.

Waiter Nasir Nawaz was unperturbed, and glad to be earning.

"I enjoy this work and feel good doing something for my family," he said, using sign language.


yellowdog granny said...

hire the handicapped..their fun to watch

dom said...

Signs one finger to JS , that means have a nice day enjoy your meal :)